Nikon CoolPix Waterproof

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Do you need a camera that can withstand the abuse and knocks of your active outdoor lifestyle and adventures? If so, then one of these Nikon Coolpix waterproof cameras may be the perfect camera for recording your “outdoor” pursuits.

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The Nikon AW100 is a waterproof digital camera, a rugged digital camera or even an all-weather (AW) camera. No matter how you describe it, this tough camera can go anywhere and survive with being underwater, being covered in mud and sand, and being dropped. These are the conditions that the AW100 camera can deal with each week when it accompanies you snorkeling, sailing and biking. This camera complements active outdoor lifestyles!

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nikon coolpix waterproofThe Coolpix waterproof cameras are waterproof to 33 feet, which is suitable for shallow scuba diving or snorkeling down a few feet. They can withstand drops onto a hard surface from five feet, which means that it can be handled by young children or adults who always manage to drop things. They are also dust proof, which make them ideal for the beach.  And they can operate in temperatures down to 14 degrees Fahrenheit, which make them ideal for skiers or mountain climbers.

The AW100 camera comes with a Nikon 5x glass zoom lens for pulling in distant objects.  For the nature enthusiasts, it can focus on plants and insects from as close as one centimeter in macro mood. Security features include an extremely secure lock on the battery, card and connections compartment, which pushes and screws in for extra security to avoid opening at inopportune times.

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Nikon’s VR (vibration reduction) technology ensures sharp images especially if you are holding the camera with cold shaking hands on a ski slope, or in a boat in choppy water. It is also fitted with a 16 megapixel CMOS sensor.

Whether you want to record your downhill snowboarding run or your snorkeling adventures, the camera is ready to record full HD (1080p) movies with stereo sound. Just think what fun you will have reliving your day’s adventures! You will be recording video more than ever before.

There are several auto-focus modes including face priority and subject tracking and nineteen scene modes including underwater. The scene modes preset your camera with the optimum settings whether you are underwater, taking sunsets or at an indoors party. As with most point and shoot cameras this camera does not allow you to adjust the settings manually for different conditions, that is why it has a range of scene modes.

The AW100 also features an Action control which allows one hand control over assigned functions, even when wearing gloves. Another feature is a built-in GPS and an ecompass. Your position at the time of each photo is recorded as are your movements even when the camera is turned off. By uploading your pictures and data to a computer with ViewNX2 software you will be able to retrace your route.

Try putting this camera through its paces. Go ahead take it out with you for a day of fun. The camera will still look and work like it is brand new.  Try it underwater, drop it in the sand, cover it in mud or bang it around on downhill mountain bike rides. The Nikon CoolPix AW100 will be your new, trusted outdoors companion and should serve you well for the adventures ahead.

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